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The Official home of ClanGOAT / -g2.
The Official home of Vanu HotDrop Syndicate / [VH0T]



"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."   

We are a Multi-Gaming, Multi-Platform community consisting mostly of players 18 or over and are located all across the globe.

PC games we play range from strategy games like StarCraft II, Sins of a Solar Empire or first-person-shooters like PlanetSide 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, or America’s Army.

While most of us are dedicated PC gamers, alot of us are also diverse and are all a part of other gaming communities or clans ranging from the PC games games we play (SteamID, BattleNet, OriginID), Sony PlayStation Network (PSN), or XBox Live (Gamertag) and are a community based upon this very thing.
Community is simple.  A place for all of us to communicate and be a part of something bigger.

Whether or not you are just looking for a place to hang out or a competetive gaming team, make sure to register on our site to gain access to our various community voice servers (TeamSpeak 3 / Ventrilo) Game Servers (America’s Army, Call of Duty) and forums.
You can add all of your game IDs (XFire, SteamID, BattleNet, OriginID, PSN), XBox Live (Gamertag), your gaming rig specs, Facebook, and much more) to your Forum Profile simply by clicking the profile dropdown in the top menu of our this site.

Make sure to register on this site to gain access to our community features.

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