Public Discord Link
Call Of Duty: Companion
(Cell phone app for the “Weekly Tournament”)

There is different between joining a regiment (seeing us online without adding each of us) and joining the comp app for the weekly. It makes it easier to find us and you get the Happy Hour (Double XP) every night (usually at 9-11 pm EST).  If you are interested in joining our Regiment, simply add me in game and I will send you an invite.

Console, or PC? Joining the CoD Companion app works the same.

1. Install the CoD: Companion: app on your Android or iPhone device. Click on OPS in the bottom left (next to Social).

2. Leave your current Squad: Most likely you will have to leave the SQUAD you are currently in (you automatically get placed once logging into the app).  Click on the dots (or icon) in the top right corner of your device, and select “Leave Squad”

2. Search for our Squad: We are -g2. (that is a DASH, a g2, and a PERIOD)
Once you find the squad, simply click and join us!

(NOT REQUIRED) Join the Public Discord link and agree to the TOS (terms of service) and simply choose the game you play (Call Of Duty, Battlefield V, or any others) and you will unlock the channels in that group.  Discord (while not required) is the only way to guarantee you reserve your spot for future tournaments.

We only have twenty (20) spots so please make sure you click the CHECK mark in the #weekly-comp channel on Discord if you wish to reserve your spot. Click the other reaction if you do not wish to participate. You will not be kicked from the squad unless a spot is needed for someone who participates.

If you are not sure, simply agree to the TWO rules (Don’t be a racist, and Don’t be a dick) and you can easily ask to be placed where you need to be).

Still having issues trying to join -g2. squad in the App or cannot Auto Login?

  • **Step 1:** Using Google Play or Apple store and find and download the Call of Duty Companion App (Activsion Publishing Inc).
  • **Step 2:** After installing the App, make sure to log in with your Activision ID / Blizzard ID / Playstation ID or XBOX ID. If you are unsure about your Activision ID simply log into the My Call of Duty and link your associated accounts (PS4, XBoxLive, Steam or Battle.net) by going to the My Call of Duty site (my.callofduty.com). You will most LIKELY be placed in to a squad. . . . and have to leave it to join ours. * This information is also stored in your game under “Options > Account > Activision Account” *
  • **Step 3.** Launch and sign in to the Call of Duty Companion App with your Call of Duty Account .
  • **Step 4.** Click Ops (second from bottom left) > Click Squad (top right) and the :gear:icon directly below it (or 3 dots on iPhone) and leave your squad or search for -g2.
    If you are still having issues logging into your Call of Duty Account and are still logging in via other methods (PS4, XBoxLive, Steam or Battle.net) it will allow you to log in, however it will not automatically log you in on App launch.

See instructions below if you are still having issues Auto Logging in:
Log in to your Activision account (PC or otherwise). If you are unsure, you can sign in via your other accounts (Battlenet, Steam, Xbox, Ps4), and reset your password (if need be) by logging into your http://my.callofduty.com/ site and checking your stats. Verify your linked accounts are setup, and then reset your Activision Account ID and password if need be, and start using that info to login to Activision account in the app, or visit https://s.activision.com/activision/profile. Once you can log in directly to the “My Call of Duty” site with your Activision info (without having to use blizzard, steam or any other method) you can use that same login info on the first screen of the app (after signing out) and you will auto login from that point forward.