Splinter Cell Blacklist SHADOW NET


Go to the above Shadownet website and use your Uplay login info to access  the social section of the game. You can see friends feeds, current missions, unlocks, and upgrades to the PALADIN. Keeps up with stats like kills, kill types, intel, HVT’s, all kinds of things. I currently have a Cell running called Ground Ops Assault Team (GOAT), if intrested drop me a message and i can add you to the cell, i just need your uplay name to add you to the friends list.

2 Responses to Splinter Cell Blacklist SHADOW NET

  1. Bourne says:

    At the moment im playing alot of SvM Classic. Its a 2v2 Spys vs Mercs mode. Everyone has stock gear so its more about tactics and strats instead of someone beating you out with gear. I recommend that for new players until you get some of the multi-player tools and gadgets unlocked.

  2. cipher says:

    Reinstalling. . . definitely want to try it out. . . .

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