New Site Launched


I have decided to migrate our old site ( over to the league / ladder system I tested a few years back ( While it is a work in progress, it contains a lot of functionality that we did not have before. The new site gives you the ability to create your own teams / clans and match make and setup your own tournaments. With Discord it because pointless to require / maintain a website that discord functionality pretty much replaced so I figured I would try something new.

We are currently testing functionality on the new site.

Things to keep an eye on.

  • Is the header image going to take you to the specific post, or do the Call Of Duty Category (shows all CoD related posts)
  • How will matches and clans play into this post
  • Check forum compatibility

This is a simply a tech to see what all we can do on this new system.  Feel free to play around with it and make sure to register on the forums!

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