Ghost Recon

Blending with your environment is a key skill for a Ghost, and ghillie suits make it easier! Now it’s up to you to show us those skills in the comments. Send us pics of your hidden ghosts!

🛠️ Scheduled maintenance 🛠️

Date: June 22
Time: 11:00 CEST / 05:00 EDT / 02:00 PDT
Expected downtime: 2 hours
Platforms: all platforms

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Hey Ghosts, did you know that the first Ghost Recon was released in 2001? We can’t wait to celebrate Ghost Recon’s 20th Anniversary with you, throughout 2021! Be on the lookout for more intel 👀

Your AI buddies in Ghost Recon Breakpoint can now level up and unlock passive and active abilities to help you tackle the challenges of Auroa. Join the Ubisoft News team as they put their squad through their paces live at 10AM PT on

Get ready to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint during our May Free Weekend. Here's when you can access the game for FREE! GhostRecon photo

From May 27-May 31, download the game for free and discover Auroa Island. Become a ghost and fight against your worst enemy, ex-brothers in arms gone rogue, on their territory.

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