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The Division




Op-for equivalent of the M249(Saw)

RPK Video on Facebook

Compared to the M249, the RPK….
– has a lower rate of fire
– has less recoil and sway
– has a bit tighter accuracy cone
– has a slightly better sight time
– has a greater damage drop off over range

Help rockjarz out

A good friend of ours is in need of some help. [USA]rockjarz has been ill and is in recovery. After cystic fibrosis and a double lung transplant he has finally got what he needed and is in need of all the help he can get.
Donations submitted will go 100% towards his paypal account.

A Post about Gaming Communities / Clans Post and ALL CATEGORIES

Discussing look and layout of clans and communities (links).

Here you will find a list of all gaming communities or clans.
This can range from PlayStation 4 teams to America’s Army or PlanetSide 2 PC gaming services (voice/game servers, website projects).

^AWA^ – Ass Whoopin Army – TeamSpeak3

America’s Army: Proving Grounds – Game Server

-g2. – ClanGOAT – Ventrilo

VH0T – Vanu HotDrop Syndicate – TeamSpeak3

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