America’s Army Update (12-17-2015)

This update fixes some input issues with the UI, adds a few new UI features, adds army facts and trivia to the AAR screen, fixes a few audio issues and closes a few memory leaks. If you haven’t heard already, we are hosting a map building competition where we will select 3 maps as winners and include them with the game as an official map. The early review date has passed, but there is still time to get your map in by the Feb 1 submission deadline. There are several servers running the maps submitted for early review, so be sure to check them out and leave the authors your feedback on the workshop or our forums!

UI Enhancements
* Much of the UI and input systems have been reworked. This fixes numerous issues where the two systems would step on one another, such as when using text chat at the end of the round.

* A Last Man Standing message will be displayed when no other teammates are alive or can be revived
* Players may disable challenge and achievement notifications via the Scoring Notification toggle in the settings
* Server Info toggle added to the HUD settings; this removes the server info on the scoreboard – this is intended to be used by streamers who might not want this information shown
* Your name on the scoreboard is always bold
* Ping is color coded white, yellow or red to reflect worsening latency
* Added confirmation box when “Restore Defaults” is used within the settings
* Round swap notification added to the loadout screen
* Auto-Balance and Scramble Teams logic adjusted
* Auto-balance now takes all players into consideration before moving players as needed; previously early joiners were highly unlikely to be moved
* Scramble teams now takes player scores into account when scrambling

Army Facts & Trivia
* Players will now be displayed an Army fact or (less often) prompted to answer an Army trivia question on the AAR screen
* These are the same facts & trivia used on the webpage,
* Answering the trivia is optional, but much appreciated :)

* Major ambient audio events timed to occur at the same time across all clients
* Your own footsteps no longer pan left to right under some circumstances
* Leaning and shuffling no longer creates “ghost” footsteps off to your side
* Crouch and tactical footstep volume increased slightly on some surfaces

Numerous Bug Fixes
* Fix for exploit where players could spam prone attempts in order to become de-synced from the server
* Clean Sweep and Pacifist are now awarded correctly (revivng a downed player doesn’t go around the achievements anymore)
* Bug report hotkey (F6) now opens a window in the default browser
* Several memory leaks on the client and the server located and closed
* Fixed a rare client crash
* Admins no longer required to re-login following a map rotation
* Players are now able to choose any role when playing in single player mode
* Fixed several lighting issues on Checkout
* Fixed various incorrect physmats in Checkout (wrong decal/no decal)
* Put in a new cubemap texture on Checkout that does not include the spawn barrier in the image (oops)
* Few more signs/decals added to Checkout
* Fixed several spots in Checkout where players could reach unintended areas
* Removed an invisible volume in Intercept that would block some grenade throws
* Images on the Training menu no longer vanish when scrolling
* Server log streamlined slightly
* The low stamina camera sway no longer occurs upon the end of round
* The Kismet match start event now correctly occurs only at the start of a match (fixes some minor ambient sound issues on some maps)
* Fixed an issue where if you cancel or abort downloading a UMM from the server browser it would incorrectly prompt you to download the maps again
* Fixed an issue where players could change stance while reviving

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