Ghost Recon: Ghost War Review

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So I have to admit, Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP is pretty damn impressive. It is exactly what i wanted and I think all the haters are going to be happy. Keep in mind, Ghost Recon has always had a PvP match mode, and this is the perfect iteration of what it could be without it turning into another GTAV. I thought it was an awesome idea to try to make a Ghost Recon game “open world” and the COOP missions or the single player missions with your 3 AI players were equally fun. I found myself using my Single player AI team mates more than random players on the internet, but when i had task force members on, we just did our own thing and had fun. I personally leveled up so many players and had so many other players actually do 2-3 hour long games where we just went and got weapons cases or accessories / skill points, king slayer files, collected the totems and unlocked the yeti missions or did side missions. Collected all statues so the sanctuary had the candles lit and all the statues around it. Did the little side stories where you collect evidence and fight the cave where all the dead bodies are and how you can put the pieces together to find the sniper.

I absolutely love this game, and its one of the best games I have EVER played. GTAV was fun, has its open work, pvp matches were fun, but not competitive. In all honesty the only reason I got it, was because it was Ghost Recon and had everything I loved about GTAV (open world, side missions) and everything I hated about GTAV removed. With COOP, which Ghost Recon was WELL known for. IT was AWESOME to have a game you could play open world, in your own story mission, and when your buddy joins it picks up where you are and you have to work with it. Beautiful and seamless.

I beat the entire game in 28 hours (yes, i know, stupid. . . . but got so hooked on the story I just didn’t want to stop playing until I beat El Sueno), with the Ricky Sandoval missions that came with the amazon prime video and added the Peruvian connection missions. Played and beat Narco Road (hated it) and played and beat Fallen Ghost (loved it, its what Narco Road should have been in 6 hours). . . . . and considering I spent $110 bucks on the game I just wasn’t happy with what I got for the money. It was a great single player game and was fun as hell doing YOUR story with friends in COOP. The problem is, once you do everything, its completely repetitive.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was one THE BEST campaign game that allowed a seamless Single player to COOP transition in order to stay in the same story.

However, being covered under an NDA, I can’t really go into details, but i think I’m allowed to say that the PvP is amazing and I think its what we’ve been waiting for.

Different from any other game, but feels very much like an open world, well thought out, tactical game where each player needs to use their skills and abilities to benefit the team.

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