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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Narco Road DLC Stream Live Offline

Just letting you know that you guys still have a home. is gone (maintenence of the site just became to much when I was deleting thousands of bots a day (our site is 15 years old) and only finding an active or new REAL member every 6 months or so.  The forums here are still active and should have imported most of your login info from the previous ClanGOAT site.

Log in, and say Hi.  Im working on allowing Sign-in from Facebook, Steam, Origin, and other networks so you don’t have to re-register on the site.

^AWA^ Theme updated.

^AWA^ Site Updated!

Check us out at:

TeamSpeak 3 Server:

AA:PG Game Server:

CG welcomes 2015!



Happy new year to all of you gamers out there!

CommunityGaming welcome the new year!

A Post about Gaming Communities / Clans Post and ALL CATEGORIES

Discussing look and layout of clans and communities (links).

Here you will find a list of all gaming communities or clans.
This can range from PlayStation 4 teams to America’s Army or PlanetSide 2 PC gaming services (voice/game servers, website projects).

^AWA^ – Ass Whoopin Army – TeamSpeak3

America’s Army: Proving Grounds – Game Server

-g2. – ClanGOAT – Ventrilo

VH0T – Vanu HotDrop Syndicate – TeamSpeak3

New Site Launched!!

ClanGOAT.Com is now

AA: PG Competition – AA / CG Categories

What are some competition sites for matching in America’s Army: Proving Grounds.