My Suicide Squad review. . .

I’m honestly sort of mixed. . . . . . The first time I watched it (prior to the directors cut) i wasn’t impressed. It was a fun movie to watch (Gi-Joe anyone?) but didn’t have anything that really stood out to me. Honestly the Batman scenes were the best part to me. . . . just because ya. . . . Batman. However after watching the directors cut (by accident) I found myself re-watching it. . . . . . twice.

I think the Directors cut adds alot of emotional moments that tie the movie together better (just like BvS) and I actually like the darker tone to the DC movies compared to Marvel. Don’t get me wrong, im a COMIC BOOK fan so i don’t give a fuck about Marvel vs. DC. . . . but I do appreciate the fact the movies FEEL different and you can actually say “Yep, this guys a DC character”.

The movie lacked a good story, but it felt like a group of people (criminals in the DC universe) that didn’t have a clue getting thrown together and I watched it all the way through because I wanted to know what happened. . . . mission accomplished.

It could have used work, but its almost retarded that BOTH BvS and SS had directors cuts that tied the movies together SO MUCH BETTER that they seem to intentionally leave out so we can spend more money on the blue-ray.

It feels like EA is in charge of the DCU. . . . . Lets release a movie that we took shit out of, then charge money later on down the road so people can see what we actually filmed. . . . . . . . They are like the Call Of Duty of comic-book movie making. Get it done because the sheep will follow. . . . But I personally do like both movies (after the directors cut).

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