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Vanu Hot Drop Syndicate and PlanetSide 2

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StarCraft II - Legacy of the Void

For StarCraft II Legacy of the Void, the development team has a number of goals for the multiplayer experience. To reach these goals, Legacy of the Void will feature several modifications to StarCraft II multiplayer. This includes fundamental gameplay changes; changes to existing units and mechanics, and the addition of new units to enhance the game in exciting and meaningful ways. More »

Battlefield Series

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Tom Clancy\\\'s Rainbow 6: Siege

A new FPS experience that puts tactical combat and destruction at the center of of the action. Available now on PC, PS4, XBox ONE. More »

Tom Clancy\'s The Division

Greetings, Agents! Here is the list of changes that will be implemented with the update 1.1, deployed on Tuesday, April 12th. More »


My Suicide Squad review. . .


I’m honestly sort of mixed. . . . . . The first time I watched it (prior to the directors cut) i wasn’t impressed. It was a fun movie to watch (Gi-Joe anyone?) but didn’t have anything that really stood out to me. Honestly the Batman scenes were the best part to me. . . . just because ya. . . . Batman. However after watching the directors cut (by accident) I found myself re-watching it. . . . . . twice.

I think the Directors cut adds alot of emotional moments that tie the movie together better (just like BvS) and I actually like the darker tone to the DC movies compared to Marvel. Don’t get me wrong, im a COMIC BOOK fan so i don’t give a fuck about Marvel vs. DC. . . .

Update 1.5 in detail

Update 1.5 in detail

17/11/2016 05:00 PM


Together with Survival, the second paid expansion to The Division, we will be releasing the free Update 1.5 to all our players. While it won’t make similar sweeping changes as Update 1.4 did, it will include further weapon, gear and skill balancing while also building on the concepts we introduced in 1.4 – like a brand new World Tier. But this new World Tier 5 will not be a simple increase in enemy levels and the maximum available gear score; it will bring with it new and exciting items for you to get your hands on, including some brand new Named gear and new weapons!

Remember that even if Survival will arrive later on Playstation 4 than on Xbox One and PC, Update 1.5 will be released for free on PC and Xbox on November 22, with a slight delay for the Playstation 4 version. If you want to learn more about the separate Survival game mode, which is releasing first on PC and Xbox One, read about it in our Intelligence Annex #12: Into the Storm!

Wrapping up Update 1.4

Update 1.4 was an incredibly important step for The Division, as it created a whole new foundation for the game to stand on. With the World Tiers, the new enemy scaling and all the balance changes we did for that update, we’re able to add new content to the game without it scaling out of proportion again (see our development update Introducing World Tiers to find out more about how those issues used to impact the game). We’re able to keep building on what we have while also keeping the game balanced and the progression curve smooth. Offline


Just letting you know that you guys still have a home. is gone (maintenence of the site just became to much when I was deleting thousands of bots a day (our site is 15 years old) and only finding an active or new REAL member every 6 months or so.  The forums here are still active and should have imported most of your login info from the previous ClanGOAT site.

Log in, and say Hi.  Im working on allowing Sign-in from Facebook, Steam, Origin, and other networks so you don’t have to re-register on the site.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.1: Incursions

Patch Notes:


Greetings, Agents! Here is the list of changes that will be implemented with the update 1.1, deployed on Tuesday, April 12th.

Falcon Lost

  • Falcon Lost is a new incursion available in the Stuyvesant area
  • You must be level 30 and have completed the mission “General Assembly” to access this mission
  • The encounter is balanced for 4 players with high level gear

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege Feed Activated

The Division



Rainbow Six: Siege released.




Personally I think its a great game, however its going to be a while before i write an official review.

America’s Army Update (12-17-2015)

This update fixes some input issues with the UI, adds a few new UI features, adds army facts and trivia to the AAR screen, fixes a few audio issues and closes a few memory leaks. If you haven’t heard already, we are hosting a map building competition where we will select 3 maps as winners and include them with the game as an official map. The early review date has passed, but there is still time to get your map in by the Feb 1 submission deadline. There are several servers running the maps submitted for early review, so be sure to check them out and leave the authors your feedback on the workshop or our forums!

UI Enhancements
* Much of the UI and input systems have been reworked. This fixes numerous issues where the two systems would step on one another, such as when using text chat at the end of the round.

Add storage to your PlayStation 4

Here’s how to fix the most annoying thing about the PS4.


Star Citizen SXSW Trailer