Battlefield V Announcement

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ClanGOAT.Com is back online!

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Vanu Hot Drop Syndicate and PlanetSide 2

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Aiden McNutt- Our Beautiful Angel

We are asking for donations to help with funeral expenses for 12yr old Aiden Sloan McNutt. His death has been a sudden, tragic loss that no one could have ever imagined.
1/23/08 to 1/26/20
Please click here if you can help or donate.

In an instant our lives have been forever changed, for there is no greater pain than the loss of an innocent child…
In the early morning hours of January 26th 2020 while visiting with his mother, our sweet handsome Aiden was taken from us by a raging house fire that stole his little life like a thief with no conscience.
Just 3 days after his 12th birthday he was given his eternal youth in heaven that has left his loved ones here devastated and stricken with grief.

About our Aiden’s life:
Aiden was being raised by his paternal grandparents (Al & Lisa McNutt) & father (Shane McNutt) with the help and support of his aunt and uncle, whom he actually lived with.  (Blake & Brenda McNutt)
He had the most
beautiful soulful blue eyes and an infectious smile that he graciously shared with any and everyone, every chance he was given.45080602_1580227463405544_r.jpeg
Aiden was a loving and giving child that loved being with his family, especially all of
his cousins.
He was a student
at Porterdale Elementary.
He loved sports and riding four wheelers. He played ball for the Solid Rock Church team and enjoyed video games in his free time.
He truly was our gift from God, that’s why
this is so hard for us to understand, why him? Why is our precious boy gone forever?
We feel so numb right now. So many tears we’ve cried these past few days and many more to follow as we mourn his forever absence in our lives.45080602_1580227501613973_r.jpeg
We have so many questions and no answers seem to come.
What now, our Angel? What are we to do? How can we make sense of our lives without you?
The pain and void left in our hearts from this tragedy is now our mortal reality…

We love you Aiden and you will live on in our hearts and precious memories of you always and forever.
Goodnight sweet angel, until we meet again beyond the moon and stars…

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

With the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare we are going to be implementing some changes to the website.

General Grievous on the battlefield!

General Grievous is Arriving to Star Wars™  Battlefront™ II on October 30!
Get a closer look at the feared Separatist Supreme Commander and his playstyle in Star Wars™  Battlefront™ II.

Star Citizen

Get ready for Star Citizen.

An all-star cast:

Gary Oldman Gary Oldman Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson…

Marching Fire Release!

Ezra Saves Ahsoka Tano From Darth Vader

Battlefront II Campaign

Just finished the Battlefront II campaign, and wow.  I have to say i’m very happy with how it ties into The Force Awakens and the rest of the story.  It even explains a little why Luke might be tired, and why its no longer his fight.  I highly recommend finishing it and “Resurrection”

Battlefield V


The 10 Most Exciting Moments in the Battlefield V Reveal Trailer

Our Senior Producer lists the most revealing parts of the action-packed video – including shooting a grenade in mid-air.
Battlefield V Reveal Trailer Blog Image 1

The Battlefield V reveal trailer was recently unleashed – and we’re beyond excited at your reactions to this first look at what the game will offer when it releases in October 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Now, crank up the volume and watch it again, before I deep-dive into 10 of the most important, exciting trailer moments.

Avengers: Infinity War

So its out. . . and its pretty damn amazing.  While I have been a Marvel fan since the comics (I have seen every single marvel movie. . . . . including the old X-Men films) at least 10 times. . . . and do not exactly agree with all of the reviews / hate / love ANY of them got. . . . I am impressed with how marvel handled the 10 year anniversary film.

All I can say is. . . . . (Spoiler free) . . . . . WOW!.

Click here to discuss the movie! (Spoilers Allowed).

Battlefront II Update


Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II Night on Endor Update

Hunter meets hunted in the new limited-time mode Ewok Hunt starting April 18.