Battlefield V Announcement

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ClanGOAT.Com is back online!

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Vanu Hot Drop Syndicate and PlanetSide 2

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

With the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare we are going to be implementing some changes to the website.

General Grievous on the battlefield!

General Grievous is Arriving to Star Wars™  Battlefront™ II on October 30!
Get a closer look at the feared Separatist Supreme Commander and his playstyle in Star Wars™  Battlefront™ II.

Star Citizen

Get ready for Star Citizen.

An all-star cast:

Gary Oldman Gary Oldman Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson…

Marching Fire Release!

Ezra Saves Ahsoka Tano From Darth Vader

Battlefront II Campaign

Just finished the Battlefront II campaign, and wow.  I have to say i’m very happy with how it ties into The Force Awakens and the rest of the story.  It even explains a little why Luke might be tired, and why its no longer his fight.  I highly recommend finishing it and “Resurrection”

Battlefield V


The 10 Most Exciting Moments in the Battlefield V Reveal Trailer

Our Senior Producer lists the most revealing parts of the action-packed video – including shooting a grenade in mid-air.
Battlefield V Reveal Trailer Blog Image 1

The Battlefield V reveal trailer was recently unleashed – and we’re beyond excited at your reactions to this first look at what the game will offer when it releases in October 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Now, crank up the volume and watch it again, before I deep-dive into 10 of the most important, exciting trailer moments.

Avengers: Infinity War

So its out. . . and its pretty damn amazing.  While I have been a Marvel fan since the comics (I have seen every single marvel movie. . . . . including the old X-Men films) at least 10 times. . . . and do not exactly agree with all of the reviews / hate / love ANY of them got. . . . I am impressed with how marvel handled the 10 year anniversary film.

All I can say is. . . . . (Spoiler free) . . . . . WOW!.

Click here to discuss the movie! (Spoilers Allowed).

Battlefront II Update


Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II Night on Endor Update

Hunter meets hunted in the new limited-time mode Ewok Hunt starting April 18. Back Online

The forums are back online!!!!

The foundation of CommunityGaming and ClanGOAT has been rebuilt from the ashes.

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